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Shifting to a higher gear

For us, the past six years have marked an exceptional journey, starting with a foray into trading lubricant oils and transformer oils. Today, Avalanche is a brand well-known for its liquid transformer oils, diesel engine oil, aviation and turbine oils, CNG engine oil, gear oil, agricultural engine oil, marine engine oil, metal working oils and electrical insulating oils, promoted under its brand ‘Avyol.’

About Avalanche Beckons

During this phase, concerted efforts were made towards developing the necessary experience and expertise driven capabilities vis-à-vis our core competency. Gaining cross-functional knowledge vis-à-vis the various specialisations possible in this field, in turn opened up possibilities that appear to be seemingly limitless.

This empowered Avalanche and entailed it to take the next steps up the value chain, by setting up manufacturing and refining facilities, which are enabling us to spread our wings even further. To borrow the title of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s popular book, fuelled by these landmark initiatives, ‘The Sky Is Not The Limit’ for Avalanche!

Why Us?

Moving up the value chain

Constantly moving onward and upward is the key to success. Avalanche has embarked upon a similar undertaking, having acquired a huge land in Gujarat for its multi-faceted endeavours and future goals.


We have developed our mastery reacting to differing client necessities through the nature of the products and solid distribution network.

lubricants oil

Our products take into account the key industrial sector of Lubricants Oil.


Productive collaboration and solid teamwork have guided us to success.

save money

We have always been maintaining competitive price range for all our products.

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