CNG Engine Oils

Avyol CNG Engine Oils are suitable for the lubrication of Engines operating on CNG or LPG. The primary difference between natural gas and other internal combustion engine oils is the necessity to withstand the various levels of oil degradation caused by the gas fuel combustion process, which results in the accumulation of oxides of nitrogen. This condition, commonly called nitration, must be monitored regularly if both lubricant and engine life are to be maintained.

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CNG Engine Oils

Sulfated ash content is another consideration unique to natural gas engine oils. These engines are required to burn a variety of gases including, but not necessarily limited to, sour gas, containing sulfur; sweet gas, containing no sulfur and very little carbon dioxide; wet gas, containing relatively high quantities of component gases such as butane; and finally, landfill or digester gas, composed primarily of methane and carbon dioxide and which frequently contains halogens such as fluorine and chlorine.

In addition, in most jurisdictions where these engines operate, exhaust emissions have become a serious concern. To control or eliminate these emissions, some of the current engine designs require catalytic converters, which limit the additive types and the formulated percentage levels that can be used in the lubricants.

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