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It takes a far-sighted and inspiring leader to envisage the route to building an impactful empire and spearhead an approach that benefits the world in the most positive, proficient, and progressive way. With an enviable track record, Tulsi Singh Rajput has built a strong reputation in the oil and lubricants industry. An astute founder and promoter, he has been driving the organisation’s evolution in a dynamic manner, taking progressive strides forward.


Avalanche has been paving the way to success with noteworthy accomplishments, its innovative mindset and the vision to be recognised as a preferred brand and ideal affiliate. Those looking to associate with us as members of the Avalanche team or become our partners in progress as representatives and distributors will find themselves on a winning platform with scope for exponential growth.

So, what are the qualities that people who join Team Avalanche exemplify and why? Well, the brand has always attracted result-oriented performers seeking growth opportunities. Be it from an individual career perspective or giving impetus to their venture as a distributor or representative, Avalanche is the destination for highly driven, open-minded people possessing the skills, integrity and zest to add value to the brand.

If you are looking for a challenging working environment that will encourage you to push your career upwards and onwards, look no further. Join Avalanche to enhance your skills and benefit from continuous learning opportunities, while being ensconced within a culture of respect and collaboration. Gain opportunities to achieve your professional goals in both technical and managerial areas through a multitude of job assignments.

At Avalanche, we count on the character, potential, ambition and creativity of new and seasoned employees alike to help us achieve our mission. Whether your background is in the Lubricant Oil industry or Solvents; import-export, business management, engineering, or science; Avalanche is the place to be. Let’s grow together!
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