Hydraulic Oils

AVYOL Offers Premium Hydraulic Oils meeting DIN 51524, Part-II & HLP specifications using Group-III base oils to provide long service in high pressure Hydraulic Systems. AVYOL Offers Shear stable polymer based hydraulic oils for use in HEMM that offers Energy efficiency together with long service life.

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Hydraulic Oils

A hydraulic oil is the medium by which power is transferred in hydraulic machines. Hydraulic oil consists of oils and additives designed to transmit power while acting as a lubricant and coolant. The oil is effective in a wide range of temperatures and reduces wear, rust and corrosion in equipment.

Hydraulic system mainly consists of five main parts

  • Pump
  • Valve
  • Piston
  • Filtering system
  • Cooling system

The core purpose of any hydraulic fluid is to transmit power to a hydraulic system. Though it is an energy transfer medium, a good hydraulic fluid can do so much more! It has four other significant functions – heat transfer, contamination removal, sealing, and lubrication.

Selecting the right kind of hydraulic oil largely depends on its viscosity and the Viscosity Index. The general issues encountered in the operation are sludge formation with Zinc containing oils, Burnt smell and darkening due to lack of oxidation stability, Oil leakage and corrosion due to zinc.

AVYOL Hydraulic Oils has a high viscosity index and excellent oxidation and thermal stability and formulated with Ashless additive technology. It not only ensures stable hydraulic performance across temperatures and pressures, but also has a longer drain life.

AVYOL offers a wide range of technologically advanced lubricants for heavy duty hydraulic systems. Engineered by experts, the products can perform umpteen number of challenging tasks.

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