Radiator Coolant

Avyol Coolant is based on OAT Technology and helps reduce corrosion and engine rust. Coolant also provides resistance to freezing and provides excellent cooling of Engine Block Radiator coolant, also known as antifreeze, protects engines from overheating. Coolant also lubricates the moving parts it comes into contact with, which protects damage to the water pump, head gasket, the cylinder and piston timing.

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Radiator Coolant

All automotive coolants are glycol-based. Common coolants consist of a mixture of ethylene glycol with additive packages and some water. Another glycol-based coolant consists of propylene glycol and water. The major difference between the two types is that propylene glycol is less toxic.

Pure water has more heat-carrying ability than pure ethylene glycol, so water would be the best coolant to use if the only consideration in the selection of coolant was its ability to carry off heat. But water presents other challenges. It forms rust on iron engine parts. The rust is then carried off to other cooling areas. The resulting corrosion interferes with heat transfer even before the build-up plugs the radiator and fills the cooling system with sediment.

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