Soluble Cutting Oils

AVYOL plans to introduce wide range of soluble cutting oils to meet the varying demand of various applications

Water-soluble cutting oils are supplied as concentrates and the user must prepare the oil emulsion by mixing the concentrate with water. When using oil emulsions, the lubricating and corrosion protecting properties of the oil are combined with the cooling property of water. The water-soluble concentrate also contains additives to improve various properties such as Emulsifiers to prevent separation, Lubrication to prevent corrosive attack. A conservation medium to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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Soluble Cutting Oils

It is extremely important that the preparation of the oil emulsion is done correctly so that the cutting fluid is stable

  • The oil concentrate should be added to the water and not the other way round.
  • The mixture should be stirred continually when preparing the emulsion.
  • The mixing ratio of oil to water should be measured accurately. Clean vessels and tank should be used.
  • The water should be of a suitable pH value and hardness.
  • The oil concentrate should not be added more quickly than it can be converted to emulsion.
  • The pH value for oil emulsions should be between 8.5 and 9.3.

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