Tractor Oils

Avyol Tractor Engine Oil is a premium quality tractor engine oil made from the finest base stocks and state of art additive technology, specifically designed to address the operational severity of Indian tractors in field usage.

Avyol Tractor Engine Oil provides unmatched soot handling properties, optimum protection for control of corrosive wear, low and high temperature stability, piston deposit control, valve train wear, oxidative thickening, foaming and viscosity loss due to shear.

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Tractor Oils

Avyol Tractor UTTO is a super-premium quality Universal Tractor Transmission Oils (UTTO) formulated from high quality hydrotreated base stocks and carefully selected additives, designed to deliver the best performance in Transmission, Hydraulic, Final Drive and PTO systems of modern tractors.

Avyol Tractor UTTO grade is recommended for use in tractors manufactured by all major OEMs. The product can also be used in other off-road/construction equipment requiring UTTO type transmission fluid.

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