Turbine Oils

AVYOL has developed turbine oils to meet the varying demands of turbines in propulsion and power generation applications. These formulations were developed to meet turbine OEM specifications. AVYOL Turbine oils are blended with Premium Hydroprocessed Base oils of Group II/III to ensure trouble free long service life.

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Turbine Oils

Water, heat, contamination, operating hours and maintenance practices will have a significant impact on turbine oil longevity. There is no denying that properly tested and maintained, higher quality turbine oils will provide longer life than poorly tested and maintained, lower quality products. Following is a discussion of new turbine oil performance characteristics that will promote longer, trouble-free service.

Steam, gas and hydro turbines operate on a family of lubricating oils known as R&O oils (Rust & Oxidation inhibited oil). Turbine equipment geometry, operating cycles, maintenance practices, operating temperatures and potential for system contamination present unique lubricating oil demands. Steam, gas and hydro turbine oils are a blend of highly refined or hydroprocessed petroleum base oils, usually ISO VG 32 and 46 or 68.

Low turbine oil makeup rates (approximately five percent per year) also contribute to the need for high-quality, long-life lubricants. Without significant oil contamination issues, turbine oil life is primarily dictated by oxidation stability, which gets adversely affected by heat, water, aeration and particulate contamination. Antioxidants, rust inhibitors and demulsibility additives are blended with premium quality base stock oil to extend oil life. Lube oil coolers, water removal systems and filters are installed in turbine lubrication systems for the same purpose.

Regardless of the type or service of a turbine oil, the quality of the base stocks and additive chemistry will be a major factor in its longevity. High-quality base stocks are characterized by higher percentage saturates, lower percentage aromatics, and lower sulfur and nitrogen levels. Most hydroprocessed turbine oils will have better initial RPVOT and TOST performance than conventional turbine oils. This oxidation stability performance advantage is suited for heavy-duty gas turbine applications.

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