Gear and Axle Lubricants

AVYOL has in its range Automotive gear & axle lubricants meeting API GL4 & GL5 specifications as well as the specific requirements of gear box manufacturers and other international bodies. These lubricants are manufactured using base fluids and latest additive technologies to prevent micro pitting and scuffing of gear boxes resulting in longer life. These Lubricants are available in viscosity grades of 80W-90, 75W-90, 85W-140 and 80W-110 . AVYOL has got a range of synthetic gear oils made of PAO as well as PAG.

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Gear and Axle Lubricants

The American Petroleum Institute (API) service designations are based on the type of service in which components will be used. The designations are utilized by manufacturers to select lubricants for particular gear types and operating conditions.

Following are the automotive gear oil classifications

Spec Status Description
GL-1 Active The designation API GL-1 denotes lubricants intended for manual transmissions operating under such mild conditions that straight petroleum or refined petroleum oil may be used satisfactorily. Oxidation and rust inhibitors, defoamers, and pour depressants may be added to improve the characteristics of these lubricants. Friction modifiers and extreme pressure additives shall not be used.
GL-2 Inactive The designation API GL-2 denotes lubricants intended for automotive worm-gear axles operating under such conditions of load, temperature, and sliding velocities that lubricants satisfactory for API GL-1 service will not suffice.
GL-3 Inactive The designation API GL-3 denotes lubricants intended for manual transmissions operating under moderate to severe conditions and spiral-bevel axles operating under mild to moderate conditions of speed and load. These service conditions require a lubricant having load-carrying capacities exceeding those satisfying API GL-1 service but below the requirements of lubricants satisfying API GL-4 service.
GL-4 Active The designation API GL-4 denotes lubricants intended for axles with spiral bevel gears operating under moderate to severe conditions of speed and load or axles with hypoid (see note)gears operating under moderate speeds and loads. These oils may be used in selected manual transmission and transaxle applications where MT-1 lubricants are unsuitable. The manufacturer's specific lubricant quality recommendations should be followed.
GL-5 Active The designation API GL-5 denotes lubricants intended for gears, particularly hypoid (see note) gears, in axles operating under various combinations of high-speed/shock load and low-speed/high-torque conditions.
GL-6 Inactive The designation API GL-6 denotes lubricants intended for gears designed with a very high pinion offset. Such designs typically require protection from gear scoring in excess of that provided by API GL-5 gear oils.
MT-1 Active The designation API MT-1 denotes lubricants intended for non-synchronized manual transmissions used in buses and heavy-duty trucks. Lubricants meeting the requirements of API MT-1 service provide protection against the combination of thermal degradation, component wear, and oil-seal deterioration, which is not provided by lubricants in current use meeting only the requirements of API GL-1, 4, or 5.

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