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Moving up the value chain

There is one consistent reality of life that applies across industry and product segments: constantly moving onward and upward is the key to success. Avalanche has embarked upon a similar undertaking, having acquired a huge land in Gujarat for its multi-faceted endeavours and future goals.

Noteworthy initiatives have been lined up, beginning with a lubricant oils and transformer oils manufacturing plant that will sharply increase the profitability margins. Proximity to Mundra and Kandla seaport, the largest private port with multiproduct special economic zone owned and operated by Adani Ports & SEZ Limited is just one of the immense advantages Avalanche enjoys at this location.

business stratagem

The resultant benefits range from ease of access to raw material and finished product transportation, substantially reducing the overall operations costs. The subsequent multiplier effect will lead to an exponentially higher rate of returns for all the stakeholders involved.

With the predominant objective being to realise the brand’s hitherto untapped potential, the large land bank sets the stage for future expansion and extending its sphere of activities in a holistic manner, venturing into new dimensions and exploring high-profile verticals like additives and biochemicals.

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