Neat Cutting Oils

AVYOL plans to introduce wide range of neat cutting oils to meet the varying demand of various applications.

Straight, or mineral, oils are based on refined petroleum products. They contain no water and are formulated for medium to heavy duty applications in which lubrication, more than cooling, is required. These oils are most often used on older machine tools or at slower speeds.

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Neat Cutting Oils

During service, neat cutting oils suffer negligible deterioration of quality; their service life is almost indefinitely long, provided they are kept clean and free from contamination. They suffer very little depletion of their additives through cutting action, and quality is adequately maintained by additions of new oil to make up for ‘drag-out’ losses (those caused by oil adhering to both the swarf and the work). Serious leakage of hydraulic fluid or lubricating oil into the coolant system can have a diluting effect, which reduces additive concentration and hence the performance of the cutting oil.

Cutting oil facilitates the cutting or shaping of metal by machining, grinding and honing. Its purposes is to lubricate, reduce heat, reduce wear and galling between the tool and workpiece, and assist in chip removal from an active cutting surface. The choice of cutting oil depends on the machine, type of metal being machined, cutting speed, and other parameters such as speed of the machine, Viscosity.

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